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Ready to Change? Why SAMC is Right For You.

At Simon Associates Management Consultants, SAMC, we help our clients successfully respond to changing business environments.

Offering a full array of idea generation, innovation, and change support, we show companies how to respond to new economic situations, shifting customer demands, and the need for growth.

It has often been said, “If you want to change, have a crisis or create one.” Like it or not, the crisis is now before you. Doing business in the 21st century poses unprecedented challenges to your business and to you as an individual. Look around and you’ll see smart, forward-looking companies finding new ways to do business, opening new markets, and discovering new ways to fund growth. Others are stubbornly carrying on as they’ve always done, as day by day the economic world transforms itself and passes them by.

Yes, surviving the future involves change, and Change is Pain, as today’s neuroscience research tells us. At Simon Associates, our job is to help you weather that pain, guiding you in new directions so you can arrive at a new, better place.

Are you “stuck in the center lane”?

Entrepreneurs and leaders of small and mid-size businesses are trying to manage their companies’ transformation alone. Often they find themselves “stuck in the center lane.” Not long ago they were doing fine, but now they can’t seem to find the growth market in today’s new economy. Change is very difficult particularly when you are trying to do it by yourself.

Come explore with us

One of the keys to SAMC’s success is helping you “see, feel, and think” in new ways. We help you examine your organization with a fresh view of how to change to meet new opportunities. We may take you into the field to visually explore your markets. When necessary, we investigate the field for you—conducting deep culture probes, “a day in the life of a customer,” visualization, ethnographic research, and video diaries.

SAMC was created to help you change. Take advantage of our expertise as anthropologists and business leaders to help you make change happen. Contact us for more information at info@simonassociates.net

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